You named your hamster Spaz?!?!?!


Ok, so you are probably wondering, why did I call my hamster SPAZ? Well here goes....

When I got Spaz, I lived in a very boring city in GA. There is NOTHING there. Right after my graduation, I went up to my family's place in Atlanta. I swung by a PetSmart on the way back and decided to get a hamster and all the fixins. And $140 later I had a new hamster, a huge home (Mansion) food, bedding, and stuff. PetSmart gave the hamster to me in a small cardboard box with holes in it that says "Live animals" and said "Have a nice day."

Well as I found out very quickly, my hamster does two things well. She can run, and she can chew. She first started running all around this little 2inch by 2inch box. When she found that really wasn't getting her very far, she noticed that there were holes in the box. So she decided that she would chew her way out of that box.

Ok, so here I am, driving home from Atlanta (about an hour drive), and I notice that the hamster is chewing its way out of the box, and she probably wouldn't stay in for long. So not more than 5 minutes after I get on the road, I pull over and decide (very quickly) that I will pull out the cage, and let the hamster ride in it. After fighting with the cage and trying to figure out how to put the darn thing together, I got her in the cage. I attached the wheel just in case she wanted something to do.

I got back in the car, and continued on toward home. The whole trip (yes the WHOLE hour or so) the hamster was either running madly around the cage, or running full speed in her wheel. I'd never seen so much energy in such a small animal. So because she was so spastic in the box, and in the cage, I decided (about the time I got half way home) that her name would be Spaz. She calmed down a bit but she still ran hard in that wheel :)

As I mentioned in other areas of this site, all of our sweet hammys have crossed the Rainbow Bridge at this point. We leave these pet pages up as a memorial to them all. In addition, my wife, Sixx, wrote a special poem for Spaz and I decided to post it here with a little candle out of love and respect for my first little furball.

My Spaz

Such a happy little spirit
always playing cheerfully
I'm thankful for the joy
you always brought to me.
Your jovial little ways
always made me smile
Cherished is the time we had
though it was only a short while.
Funny how a creature
so small in physical size
has such a powerful effect
on a person's life.
Such a great big heart
in that tiny little body
though no longer here on Earth
your memory lives within me.

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