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Between me trying to train her, and her doing a good job of training me, we have come to know each other pretty well. When I am in the room her cage is in, she will often hear my voice and perk up and look to see where I am, and if I'm talking to her or not. She will also come up to one of the hamster houses I have for her if I scratch one of the tubes just inside the house. She has gotten much better about walking and staying on my shoulders (and not trying to jump/fall off). And she will also eat food from my hand (If she is on my shoulder).

She LOVES her hamster ball. If I hold the ball up to her she will jump right in and just wait for me to close it up. Then she takes off to all parts of the house. Sometimes she will even follow me around while she is in her ball ( I've wondered if this is completely coincidental, or if she is really following me). Over the months she has gotten good control over it (She used to bump into walls, furniture, doors, appliances, so on).

She likes to exercise as well. The funny part about my hamster is she likes to fill her cheek pouches with food, THEN run in her wheel for an hour or so. I'm not sure if she is afraid of losing it, or if it make her more fit or what. If only she could talk to me such that I could understand her.

Finally she is a good escape artist. I've known hamsters to be good at this, and mine is no exception to that rule. She has climbed up to the top of her cage (moving things inside around to get that high) and jumped to get her front feet to grab the ledge. Then she climbs out the door I accidentally left open, and poof! Away she goes. She has also managed (and this one is still under investigation) to climb down from her cage (a healthy fall in itself) meander the house till she got to the laundry room. Climb UP the washer (that is the mysterious part) and fall in the washer drum. Lucky for us I noticed she was gone, and we found her before we tried to do laundry.

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