Did you know...?

The earliest known frog fossils to date were found in Arizona and are believed to be from the late Jurasic period, about 190 million years ago.

In Japan frogs are symbols of good luck

Native American and Australian aborigines believed frogs brought rain
(I bring sunshine to everyone though *grin*)

In India frogs personified thunder
(only when I'm angry hehe)

In China it wasn't the Man in the Moon but the Frog in the Moon. In a lunar eclipse the frog swallowed the moon!
(hey, I was hungry)

In ancient Egypt, frogs were symbols of resurrection and were even mummified with the dead
(ummm, no thanks)

There are over 4000 species of frogs and on every continent except Antarctica
(I had nothing to do with that....honest)

All toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads
(Toad, Frogboy, it's all the same to me *grin*)

You cannot get warts from toads
(neener neener...=p)

The largest of all frogs can weigh up to 10 lbs. and be 26 in. long! The African Giant.
(no comment)

The smallest frog is less than 1/2 in. from Cuba
(again, no comment)

Frogs don't drink water but absorb it through their skin
(wish I could learn that way too)

Most frogs can change their color somewhat to match their surroundings
(now you see me...now you don't!)

Poison dart frogs are usually brightly colored to show predators they are deadly
(I'm pretty laid back myself)

The red-eyed tree frog lays its eggs on branches over water so the tadpoles can drop right in
(sink or swim suckers! lol)

There are over 60 species of poison dart frogs
(but only one ME! *big smiles*)

Some frogs can jump 20 times their own body length

Female frogs are usually larger than the males

Tadpoles survive mainly on algae

Tadpoles breathe through gills while adult frogs breath through crude lungs and also absorb oxygen through their skin

The paradoxical frog of South America has tadpoles up to 10 in. long while the mature adults seldom get over 3in. They get smaller as they age!
(and I'm getting close to 30! eep!)

In most species of frogs only the male croaks. Attracting a female during mating season and letting other males know there's a new frog in town.
(gotta show 'em who's boss (-;)

The Bull Frog is the largest frog native to North America. It can grow to 18 in. and weigh 1.2 lbs.

After you have read all these frog facts you could be considered a herpetologist. One who studies frogs! =)

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