The following are Helper Programs designed for Tradewars.  Each offers different features and advantages, but also carries with it disadvantages that another helper makes up for.  I suggest you you try them all and see which one best suits your needs.


Swath This is one of the most popular helpers out today.  It does just about everything, and it's improving daily.  The authors are pretty cool AND they are available for suggestions, comments and help.  For $26 It could be the best deal also.

Twar This is probably one of the oldest helpers.  Originally designed for the old BBS version, Twar comes in a dos and windows flavor.  The windows version offers most of the standard features.  The Dos version is just old...

ATTAC This is a pretty good helper that I've used in demo mode.  I haven't found a way to run macros in it tho.  The up side is with the registered version, it has most things that you would need. 

TW COMMANDER I can't say I know anything about this helper.  when I went to the link, there wasn't software to download or test or anything.  I'm hoping to find out more about it soon.

TWX Proxy This is a new type of helper.  It is based on user scrips created scripts and basic help. This program is FREE.  Might be worth checking out

ZOC This is scripters and macro runners dream program.  Terminal based program.  This means it's all text and the command menu.  you have to load your own scripts and macros and run them as needed.  Many scripts have been written for this and are available for download.