These are good places to get info about different aspects of the TW universe.


The Stardock-  The biggest and probably the best TW server out there. 

Tw Links- Hekate's Site.  Very Good for the latest in TW News.

Tradewars.Org - Number one in news :)

Tradewars League - The gathering of some of the best players to compete each month for bragging rights.

VidKids World -  Good place to get helpers and info.

Dragon's Elite - Guardian's Site, with updates on lots of news, and good Information.

The Beginners Page  As the name suggests, this is a good place for any new TW player to start at.

TW 2002 Tools  This has a cool battle calculator, to help you figure out exactly how many fighters to use to capture that ship.  It has a planet and ship editor that will allow you to design your own ship or planet then email it to me to add to a game.  This is now up and running! Check it out!